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Photo of "Young Horses and the babysitter" by Barbara D. Livingston


Welcome To The Horse Information Center
Young Horses and the Babysitter by Barbara Livingston

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Great Breeders and Their Methods: Leslie Combs II and Spendthrift FarmLearn how Leslie Combs changed the industry

Leslie Combs II was a Lexington legend who changed the way Thoroughbreds were bred, bought and sold. 

Some of the greatest horses of the 20th Century called his Spendthrift Farm home...Nashua, Gallant Man, Foolish Pleasure, Raise a Native, Majestic Prince, Swaps, Affirmed, Seattle Slew and countless more. Over 160 stallions stood at Spendthrift through the years; 300 stakes winners were bred by Combs and Spendthrift including Mr. Prospector, Idun, Gold Digger, Landaluce, Majestic Prince and others. 

Great Breeders and Their Methods: Leslie Combs and Spendthrift Farm by Mary Marshall chronicles the life and career of this powerful figure who helped create the modern Thoroughbred industry.


Samuel Riddle, Walter Jeffords and the Dynasty of Man o' War Great Breeders and Their Methods: Samuel Riddle, Walter Jeffords and the Dynasty of Man o' War 

Here's the story of a team whose breeding philosophies changed the landscape of American Thoroughbred pedigrees.

Publisher Favorites - Order your copies today!

Designing Speed in the Racehorse Ken McLean's newest book   

Designing Speed in the Racehorse - A veritable blueprint for breeders seeking to breed future stakes winners. *A Top 10 Finalist in the 2006 Castleton Lyons/Thoroughbred Times Book Award.*

Run, Baby, RunRun, Baby, Run: What Every Owner, Breeder & Handicapper Should Know About Lasix in Racehorses 

Eclipse-Award-winning author Bill Heller's in-depth look at the controversial use of Lasix.

Dosage: Pedigree and PerformanceDosage: Pedigree and Performance 

The first and only comprehensive book on modern Dosage theory.  Use it to buy, breed and bet on the best!

How to Own Winning Standardbred RacehorsesHow to Own Winning Standardbred Racehorses 

Get into the business of harness racing!  Here's everything you need to know in one concise guide: how to buy a horse, hire a trainer, enter races and more.

The Horse Information Center ( is the world's complete source for reliable information about all types of horses involved in all kinds of occupations. We have compiled the titles and descriptions of all current books, video tapes, and other materials which may be of interest to horsemen. This site is maintained by The Russell Meerdink Company, Ltd., the recognized publisher and merchant of books and videos about horses since 1985. We offer you a fast, convenient way to purchase any of these materials. Please e-mail us your ideas, suggestions and comments at

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