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Books/Videos WANTED


Please contact the person(s) listed below if you have the title or know where to locate the title they are seeking.


Looking for: Specifications for Speed in the Racehorse - The Airflow Factors by W Robert Cook

Contact: Cal Britton


Looking for: Pattern of Patterns in Thoroughbred Pedigrees by Clive Harper

Contact: Sean Kilroy Phone: Ireland 087 4376533


Looking for: Moroccan Spotted Horse magazines from July/August/September 1950 and forward

Contact: Suzan Jackson


Looking for: Limbs of the Equine by Leroy Amos

Contact: Lynn Boggs


Looking for: USTA Standardbred Sires and Dams Registers for 1945/Volume 35; 1947/Volume 37; 1950/Volume 39; 1951/Volume 40; 1953/Volume 42 and 1959/Volume 48.

Contact: George Story
Phone: 518.796.4828


Looking for: The Thoroughbred Breeders Book by Clive Harper

Contact: Andrea Bouwkamp

Phone: 616.990.0451


Looking for: Saddletrees by Bob Robertson

Contact: Mark Eldridge  

4012 Dara Beth Road  Youngsville, La 70592
Phone 337-856-3425


Looking for: The X Factor: What It Is and How to Find It by Marianna Haun

Contact: Carmen Barreras  

RR 01 Box 2323   Cidra, Puerto Rico 00739

Phone 787-714-6201


Looking for: Patterns of Greatness I: The Europeans by Alan Porter and Patterns of Greatness II: The Americans by Alan Porter and Anne Tegzas Peters

Contact: Candice Burger  

136 Small Pond Road Havana, FL 32333

Phone 850.245.8452


Looking for: 2004 & 2005 Devon Pony Showing Yearbooks, published by Devon Horse Show Publishers, Pennsylvania, USA

Contact: Lynn DeRose 

(215) 794-3401 Phone


Looking for: Race Horse Training by R.W. Collins, published in 1937

Contact: A.L. Yinger

(614) 581-1598 Phone


Looking for: Mi Vida en el Mundo de los Caballos (de Paso Finos) by Fabio Ochoa

Contact: Gabby Acosta 

Fax  (915) 351-8319


Looking for: Softcover book by Red Tomlinson possibly titled Shoeing Trotters and Pacers, published 1960s-1970s

Contact: Sue Lichtwark


Looking for: Somebody's Pony by Nancy Caffrey (Original softcover edition, please)

Contact: Bonnie Owens 

114 Locust Lane, Littlestown PA 17340


Looking for: Horsetrader - Robert Sangster and the Rise & Fall of the Sport of Kings by Robinson and Robinson, Harper Collins 1993

Contact: Bob Lawrence 

3023 N Buckeye Ln, Goshen KY 40026

Phone (502) 852-7617


Looking for: 1996 Blood Horse Stakes Annual

Contact: Hilda Marshall


Looking for: Courses for Horses by Christopher Coldrey. Published in England, 1978

The Course Builders Handbook by Alan Watts.  Published in England, 1979

Making Your Own Jumps by Mary Gordon Watson.  Published in the USA, 1988
Basic Coursebuilding by Maureen Summers.  Published in the USA, 1991
Contact: Andres Sarbu
H-1123 Budapest, Avar utca 23./A  Hungary
Phone:+36 30 9542545


Looking for:  A Scientific Approach to the Training of Thoroughbred Horses by Allan Davie ISBN: 0-646-38280-2

Contact: Michael Baxter
48231 Warendorf, Velsen 75 Germany


Looking for:  Folks I Knowed and Horses They Rode by Lance Phillips  Published in 1975 by Plantation Press, Ashland Virginia

Contact: Mildred Weiss
92 Hurry Hill Rd.
Putnam, Conn. 06260


Looking for:  Appaloosa (ApHC) Stud Books - volumes 21 and up
Palomino (PHBA) Stud Books published after 1960.  These may be in 3-ring binder format.

Contact: Karen Kimmerly
3633 Jackson Pike
Williamsburg, OH 45176


Looking for:

1. From An Old Master Trainer to Young Trainers by Nuno Oliveira, Published by Howley and Russell in Caramut, Vic. Australia

2. Horse and Rider: Annotated Sketches by Olveira and Sauvat

3. Horse Training Outdoor and High School by Etienne Beudant, Published by Charles Scribner's Sons, New York, 1931

Contact: Nicola Crawford 

Snail mail: Glen Elgin, Byaduk, Victoria 3301, Australia

fax: 03 55787290

posted: 6/6/01


Looking for: Breaking & Training the Western Performance Horse

I feel sure this is the title, however, I do not know the author. It had a reddish brown hard cover and wasn't very thick, maybe 1 1/2" thick. It was full of black and white pictures, a minimum of 2 per page and as many as 4 per page. The horse used to illustrate was an Appaloosa in most cases. It was a large book, approx. 9" x 12". I think that it was published sometime in the early or mid 70's. If anyone can help me with finding this book, that would be fantastic.

Contact: Barb Summerson, phone: 570-923-1464 


Looking for: George Morris teaches beginners to ride....

Contact: Pamela Waguespack
18654 Manchac Landing Ct.
Baton Rouge, La 70817

posted 3/31/00



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