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Research and Review Library For Sale


The Russell Meerdink Company is paring down its extensive Research and Review Library
and YOU benefit. These gently-used, often out-of-print books are being offered on a
first-come, first-served basis - we have only a copy or two of each.

Take a look and claim yours now - before they're gone!


* Please Note: Standard shipping rates apply to these items.
You may combine these with any other items from the website.

    American Classic Pedigrees

    Examines the pedigrees of the five American Classic races from 1914 to 2002. In addition to tracing each horse's sire line and female family, the author gives a look at how the horse has contributed to the breed. An in-depth appendix provides additional information on the level of inbreeding. Four-cross pedigrees of each Classic winner are included. Not just a book of pedigrees and statistics, here are the stories of the great horses of the time.

    American Classic Pedigrees by Avalyn Hunter, 781 pages. BH-02-170 - $25.00

    Handicapping Books

    Your choice, just $10 each. Note that these were part of our Research Library - each likely has a few scuffs and bruises, but is still full of valuable handicapping advice.

    • Ainslie's Encyclopedia of Thoroughbred Handicapping by Tom Ainslie. Softcover, 320 pages. Published 1978.

      • Bet with the Best by Beyer, Brohamer, Christ, Davidowitz, et al. All new strategies from America's leading handicappers. Hardcover, 250 pages. Published 2001. DR-16-228


      • Bet with the Best 2 - Longshots by Beyer, Brohammer, Crist, Davidowitz et al. Hardcover, 252 pages. Published 2008. DR-16-262


      • Betting Thoroughbreds by Steve Davidowitz, 2nd revised edition. Hardcover, 347 pages. Published 1995.

      • Exotic Overlays - How to get Big Payoffs from the Pick Six, the Pick Three, Exactas, Triples, Doubles and Superfectas by Bill Heller. Softcover, 221 pages. Published 1996.

      • Figure Handicapping by James Quinn. Hardcover, 314 pages. Published 1992.

      • Handicapping Contest Handbook by Noel Michaels. Softcover, 160 pages. Published 2002. DR-16-230

        • My $50,000 Year at the Races by Andrew Beyer. Softcover, 163 pages. Published 1978.

        • Real Life Handicapping by Dave Litfin. Softcover, 189 pages. Published 1997.

        • Six Secrets of Successful Bettors by Frank Scatoni & Peter Fornatale. Hardcover, 273 pages. Published 2005. DR-16-244

        • The ABC's of Gambling by Lee Phillip Forman. Spiral bound, 111 pages. Everything from Casino betting to horse racing. Publication date unknown.

        • The Female Fan Guide to Thoroughbred Racing by Betsy Berns. Softcover, 219 pages, published 2001. DR-16-226

        • The New Expert Handicappers by James Quinn. Hardcover, 272 pages. Published 1989.

        • The Race is Pace by Huey Mahl. Softcover 126 pages. Published 1983.

        • The Winning Horseplayer - A revolutionary approach to Thoroughbred handicapping and betting by Andrew Beyer. Softcover, 192 pages, published 1984. Two copies in stock.

        Famous Horses

        • Citation - In a Class by Himself by Phil Georgeff. Hardcover. TP-04-205 - $7.50

        • Dark Horse by Muriel Lennox. The story of Nearctic, sire of Northern Dancer. Hardcover. ML-04-221 - $12.00

        • Funny Cide - How a horse, a trainer, a jockey and a bunch of high school buddies took on the Sheiks and Bluebloods and Won by Sally Jenkins and the Funny Cide Team. Hardcover.  KP-04-214 - $7.50

        • Horse of a Different Color by Jim Squires. The story of KY Derby Winner Monarchos. Dust jacket imperfect. Hardcover. HC-04-222 - $5.00

  • KY Derby Greatest Moments. DVD. Features original archival film footage of the greatest races. KD-04-261 - $10.00

  • Man o' War by Page Cooper & Roger L. Treat. Softcover. WE-04-105 - $5.00

  • My Guy Barbaro by Edgar Prado. Hardcover. HC-04-230 - $10.00

  • Native Dancer - The Grey Ghost by John Eisenberg. Hardcover. WN-04-301 - $7.50

  • Ruffian - Burning from the Start by Jane Schwartz. Hardcover. WI-04-120 - $10.00

  • Seabiscuit vs War Admiral - the Greatest Horse Race in History by Kat Shehata. Hardcover Children's Book - $5.00

  • Seabiscuit - the Screen Play by Gary Ross. Softcover - $5.00

  • Secretariat - The Making of a Champion by Bill Nack. Softcover. DC-04-113 - $5.00

  • Secretariat by Raymond Woolfe, Jr. An outstanding book filled with photos of Secretariat. Autographed. Softcover. RW-04-150 - $15.00

  • Smarty Jones - Forever a Champion by Billy Valentine & Team Smarty. Softcover. BP-04-207 - $5.00

    • First Saturday in May - DVD featuring Barbaro's Kentucky Derby. HE-04-504 - $10.00


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